Vladimir Shorin Type V Travel Electric Guitar
Type V Travel Electric Guitar is Silver Design Award winner in 2021 - 2022 Musical Instruments Design Award Category.
Type V Travel Electric Guitar

The design is based on the very essence of music (from the designer's perspective): the emotional freedom, the never ending flow, the energy of a stream one can feel looking at a yacht piercing the waves or a jet crossing the skies. It's dynamic shapes meet minimalistic approach: one pickup, one volume knob, black colored hardware and body, black ebony fretboard, making it's futuristic stealth-like appearance more expressive and elegant. Well balanced, providing easy access to the top frets, this extended range guitar offers great playing experience in many different styles.

Type V Travel Electric Guitar
Vladimir Shorin Type V
Vladimir Shorin Travel Electric Guitar
Vladimir Shorin design
Vladimir Shorin design
Vladimir Shorin

Vladimir Shorin is an architect with almost two decades of experience. Having worked with projects of various types and scales now his task lies in the field of project documentation delivery to answer the growing demand in the local construction market. Being passionate about all aspects of design he has a strong interest in private residential architecture, human-centric spaces, harmless environment. Vladimir enjoys taking projects from concept to realization, from hand sketches to digital models, and finally getting things built. He never stops being curious about various matters. Flexible and easy-going, keen to apply his experience in different ways. Lifelong guitar enthusiast, avid traveler.

2A instruments

Initially, this guitar design was developed for the designer's private use and enjoyment. But after having received highly positive feedback from the fellow musician and guitar oriented audience the thought of creating a brand was incepted and the title 2A instruments was made up. Although the brand name and the logo has not yet been registered, the designer intends to do so in order to continue designing and manufacturing guitars under the certain brand name.