Asta Kauspedaite Devynerios Labels
Devynerios Labels is Silver Design Award winner in 2021 - 2022 Packaging Design Award Category.
Devynerios Labels

Devynerios is a family of unique herbal liqueurs that is the category leader in Lithuania. They represent Lithuania, authentic production methods and recipes based on natural ingredients. Each product is distinctive and different. The key features are also reflected in the label designs. Originalios design communicate authenticity. Zalios is multi layered and rich, immersing you into the mystical world of herbs. Raudonos, courage and youthfulness are reflected using asymmetry and vivid colors.

Devynerios Labels
Asta Kauspedaite Devynerios
Asta Kauspedaite Labels
Asta Kauspedaite design
Asta Kauspedaite design
Asta Kauspedaite

Asta Kaušpėdaitė is a designer based in Vilnius, Lithuania. After gaining experience in graphic design (mostly music album covers, book layouts), last fifteen years is focusing on package design (mainly alcohol product labels and bottle designs). Every project welcoming as a new challenge she looks for distinctive solutions, based on conceptual basis, appealing graphics and best matching technologies.

Mv Group

MV GROUP is one of the largest business groups in the Baltic States, founded in 1992. From a small mineral water business, over the decades it has developed into a dynamic and innovative group of companies in 4 sectors. The production sector is represented by Stumbras, Alita, Anykščių Vynas, and Gubernija factories, distribution in Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, and Poland is managed by MV GROUP Distribution companies Mineraliniai Vandenys, MV Latvia, MV Eesti, and MV Poland, logistics is managed by the MV GROUP Logistics company, and retail is managed by the Bottlery and Nespresso stores.