Antonio Meze Liric Headphone
Liric Headphone is Silver Design Award winner in 2021 - 2022 Audio and Sound Equipment Design Award Category.
Liric Headphone

Liric aims to deliver the perfect balance between cutting edge technology and well thought design. On the outside, the headphone blends materials like magnesium, leather, stainless steel and aluminum in an ergonomic design with a sleek, modern finish. The union of black leather and gloss matte spatters is a subtle nod to the textures found on magnesium parts of professional photo cameras. Metallic copper accents compliment the all black elements, maintaining an elegant, contemporary design language.

Liric Headphone
Antonio Meze Liric
Antonio Meze Headphone
Antonio Meze design
Antonio Meze design
Antonio Meze

Antonio is an Industrial Designer and creative thinker, user-focused, socially responsible designer & product developer born and educated in Romania with a eclectic experience gained trough his work in design agencies from around the world (LA, NY, Amsterdam, Prague, Bangkok, London) during 2005-2013. Now he focuses on his own brand, Meze Audio, one of the most appreciated headphone companies in the audiophile industry.

Meze Audio

Meze Audio is a high-end audio company developing audiophile-grade headphones and earphones, renowned for their timeless design, pure comfort, and engaging vivid sound. Every aspect counts - the engineering, choice of materials, the precision of craftsmanship, the reliability – they are all equally important in creating a product that you can fall in love with, over and over again. From looks to technology, Meze Audio products are designed to surpass all short-living trends and become heirlooms, rather than just headphones. For the past 10 years, founder Antonio Meze and his skilled team have designed and developed their products in Baia Mare, Romania, in the spirit of a ‘no-compromise’ vision.