Cristian Carrara Archadia Brand Identity
Archadia Brand Identity is Silver Design Award winner in 2021 - 2022 Graphics, Illustration and Visual Communication Design Award Category.
Archadia Brand Identity

The Archadia logo is designed to inspire stability and dynamism according to the mission of the brand. The letter A, here understood as the initial letter of the brand name, was designed starting from the elementary geometry of a triangle, the static form par excellence in architecture, but also recalls the main concepts of academy, architecture and also "abitare" (living in Italian). The chosen blue color finally defines the institutional and academic role of the brand, but also the colors and reflections of the Venice lagoon water, where Archadia Academy has established its headquarters.

Archadia Brand Identity
Cristian Carrara Archadia
Cristian Carrara Brand Identity
Cristian Carrara design
Cristian Carrara design
Cristian Carrara

Cristian Carrara is a graphic designer born in the province of Bergamo, passionate about the arts, combining his work as a visual designer to his passion for travel and photography. Considers himself a citizen of the world, he visit different parts of the world learning about different cultures and styles. His work has been oriented towards the essentiality and the study of forms that aim at simplicity, always trying to insert a meaning and a message in his works. After graduating in Graphic Design, he attended the Degree in Architecture at the Politecnico di Milano but left to continue his work as a Visual Designer. In this context, he first approached the publishing world and then the world of website design.

Archos S.r.l.

Archos is an architecture and design studio based in Bergamo - Italy that, since 1980, operates in varied fields of engineering and design. From architectural design of buildings, restorations and urban scale plans to graphics, communication design, websites and editorial publications. It has also become a publishing house by editing the cultural magazine ArtApp since 2009.