Romulo Temigue Hug Armchair
Hug Armchair is Silver Design Award winner in 2021 - 2022 Furniture Design Award Category.
Hug Armchair

The Hug armchair is a design with layered colors. The idea of this design is to indicate that each layered color is hugging the other one in front. The colors can be also changed to your personal taste or to combine with your interior design. The structure of this armchair is made of upholstery and inside with real wooden materials. Also, the design is taller and larger in comparison with other usual armchair in the market.

Hug Armchair
Romulo Temigue Hug
Romulo Temigue Armchair
Romulo Temigue design
Romulo Temigue design
Romulo Temigue

Romulo Temigue explores shapes, colors and meta different visions of furniture and lighting objects. Digital and physical are two different animals, and only a corner away from his creativity to the expansion of “reality” in his projects.

Romulo Temigue

Romulo Temigue is an Architect and Designer from Brazil. After graduating, he made a few projects in Interior Design and also developed a passion for furniture and lighting objects. He is now working with colorful pallets and weirdly fancy joyful pieces.