Yongphan Sundara-vicharana Embroidery Upholstery Seating
Embroidery Upholstery Seating is Iron Design Award winner in 2021 - 2022 Furniture Design Award Category.
Embroidery Upholstery Seating

The embroidery collection was inspired by the need to present the craftsmanship of sofa upholstery in a new way of the furniture industry. The craftsmanship in the original sofa uses the technique of pulling the hub to show the details of the craft. From this idea, designers would like to apply handicraft techniques in other ways. By join in the work by choosing techniques from fabric work like smocking crafts.

Embroidery Upholstery Seating
Yongphan   Sundara-vicharana Embroidery
Yongphan   Sundara-vicharana Upholstery Seating
Yongphan   Sundara-vicharana design
Yongphan   Sundara-vicharana design
Yongphan Sundara-vicharana

Yongphan sundara-vicharana. Graduated in Industrial design, Architecture, KMITL. An industrial designer who lives and works in Thailand that always designs something uncommon. Design for making something better in production, concept, functional and feeling for the customer. Also, create more value of material or recycle material and waste to become a product valuable. As a designer, our works are solving problems by using creative ideas to create something never seen before. Always trying to push the limitations of materials, facilities, and artisan.