Joel Derksen Artem Packaging
Artem Packaging is Bronze Design Award winner in 2021 - 2022 Packaging Design Award Category.
Artem Packaging

Artem Straps is an Australia-based brand with a vision of redefining watch straps for the passionate collector. Artem's brand experience honors the intense perfectionism of the founding team and their ambition to be seen as the Aston Martin of watch straps. The brand takes a refined and technical approach, with a bright royal blue and soft greys. The logo and monogram take cues from the buckle design, with automotive curves and considered contrasts.

Artem Packaging
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Joel Derksen Packaging
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Joel Derksen design
Joel Derksen

Originally from Canada, Joel’s design practice is filled with complex and nuanced visual solutions for clients who demand sensitivity, insight, and communicable differences in the market. Start-ups, scale-ups and established brands benefit from his "no stones unturned" approach to problem solving, and his appreciation that complex situations bring forward unique perspectives. Before founding Studio Otherness, Joel’s focus on executing brand strategy led him to consult on refreshes and re-imaginings for companies such as Bosch, Elsevier, ING and Salomon. He previously worked with consultancies and agencies such as IDEO, HUGE and Landor. Joel is a consistent presence in the international design scene, sporting over 60 international publications, awards and features in his decade of work.

Studio Otherness

Studio Otherness has a mandate to refuse the easy answers of contemporary design by engaging with the complexities that manifested your brand in the first place. By prioritizing research into the histories and details of your creations, we initiate a process of intuitive design that feels right for your product and the way you move through the world. Founding and maintaining a brand is an arduous process, and we’re eager to facilitate the collaborative exploration of all potential angles for presenting your work, collecting the nuances of your brand into seamless visual interpretations. We focus on sculpting your story with meaningful references, intentions and insights, creating identities that speak to the audiences you want to reach—without sacrificing your core vision.