Seung woo, Park Tiger Spirit Digital Media Art
Tiger Spirit Digital Media Art is Iron Design Award winner in 2021 - 2022 Graphics, Illustration and Visual Communication Design Award Category.
Tiger Spirit Digital Media Art

His artwork was produced as a video artwork by combining 2D painting, digital artwork, and 3D digital imaging artwork with a large media tower that is 20m high. He worked on animating Korean colors, natural elements, and animals called tigers so that they could move through digital artwork, and expressed the atmosphere of Korean classical art with modern digital artworks. He made the meaning of the four seasons of Korea into digital art by using illustrations of time and space through digital effects.

Tiger Spirit Digital Media Art
Seung woo, Park Tiger Spirit
Seung woo, Park Digital Media Art
Seung woo, Park design
Seung woo, Park design
Seung woo, Park

He is working as a Korean artist. He considers "realms of imagination that come from life experiences, and energy delivered through them" as the source of his work. He attaches great importance to finding the true value from inspiration, focusing and expressing it, and tries to express through each work that various elements of fun that come from communicating with people are close to happiness.

4bd Studio

4BD STUDIO is a company of artists and is an art studio that hosts various exhibitions and events, collaboration and lectures, and seminars. Various Korean artists are with the 4BD studio, and it is a studio that can express a variety of art, from 2d painting to 3d digital art and sculptures.