Camil Octavian Milincu Stalker Chest of Drawers
Stalker Chest of Drawers is Bronze Design Award winner in 2021 - 2022 Arts, Crafts and Ready-Made Design Award Category.
Stalker Chest of Drawers

The stalker is a piece of furniture that should be freestanding in a room, so it can be approached from any side. From a distance, one can see his reflection centered on his dominant eye. Things however change if one decides to come closer, as many other reflections can be seen in the corner reflector. Depending on the position these could be normal reflected images as well as flipped images, as seen by others. The interaction was designed taking into account all the senses. The slight slant and the vertical texture play tricks with the spatial orientation once one gets close enough.

Stalker Chest of Drawers
Camil Octavian Milincu Stalker
Camil Octavian Milincu Chest of Drawers
Camil Octavian Milincu design
Camil Octavian Milincu design
Camil Octavian Milincu

Camil Octavian Milncu is a multidisciplinary person. He is an architect, designer, woodworker, and also artist. He believes that the best work one can do is from conception to the last detail. As a furniture designer, he executes his work, to control it to the detail.

Studio Minus

Studio Minus was established in 2007, as an architecture, interior design and bespoke woodworking (furniture and sculpture) studio. During the activity the accent shifted from one domain to another, but several characteristics remained as a constant in all the projects: coding of a meaning, sincere use of materials, taking into acount the way that these change over time, addressing all the sensory elements in user interaction and using durable construction. On a theoretical point of view, the aim is to blur the gap between art and design. The place where the most interesting things happen is the furniture design, as the architecture and sculpture are in well established areas. Any technology was used in order to achineve the best possible result, using naturally and combining traditional handtools with the digital world