Olga Takhtarova Una Luna Confectionery Packaging
Una Luna Confectionery Packaging is Iron Design Award winner in 2021 - 2022 Packaging Design Award Category.
Una Luna Confectionery Packaging

Behind the design of each product, there is a story. The collage illustration used in the package design for the Una Luna fruit candy series is a good way to tell this story to the consumer. Collage illustration on the package helped to create a certain image of the brand and give it integrity. The modern market demands a simple and clear package, which will stand out on the shelves and be interesting to the audience. In his project, the designer used the collage technique and contrasting shades. It helped to make the packaging of Una Luna candies interesting.

Una Luna  Confectionery Packaging
Olga Takhtarova Una Luna
Olga Takhtarova Confectionery Packaging
Olga Takhtarova design
Olga Takhtarova design
Olga Takhtarova

My career in Design started in 2006. I worked as an Interior Designer and Graphic Designer in creative and design companies. Today I continue my way in my own studio. My own design studio SOT B&D was opened in 2015. The studio majors are visual identification, packaging, web design, illustration. More than 400 projects for local and foreign clients from Ukraine, Germany, Belgium, Canada, Poland, UAE, Russia, USA were implemented by SOT B&D within 6 years. My favorite part of the project is creating the design itself when all the information is collected, briefs are read, meetings are held, details are clarified. Vivid emotions make me an effective result for complex projects that lasted for months. Invested heavily and with much energy in them. To become a great designer, you must practice a lot. This is the only way to get experience. In order to create out-of-box solutions and be a real expert, you need to improve your skills constantly, move the bar upwards, step out of your comfort zone, learn new things, work on mistakes and improve your visual culture. Despite how good a specialist you are, if you do not know how to communicate with people, interact with them, you will not be able to sell your work.


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