Salvita Bingelyte Roundooze Chickpea Snack Packaging
Roundooze Chickpea Snack Packaging is Bronze Design Award winner in 2021 - 2022 Packaging Design Award Category.
Roundooze Chickpea Snack Packaging

The design showcases eight roasted chickpea pouches for different flavours. The sweet chickpeas are shown on a black background, the savory ones are represented with gray. Simple fonts and minimal colours for the packaging reflect the highest quality chickpeas. A smile taken from the Roundooze logo is key to the visual style. The pouches are characterized by see through windows that are shaped like eyes and a mouth. With a cute smiley face character on the front, it is possible to see the chickpeas before buying them. This promotes a fun and playful experience.

Roundooze Chickpea Snack Packaging
Salvita Bingelyte Roundooze Chickpea Snack
Salvita Bingelyte Packaging
Salvita Bingelyte design
Salvita Bingelyte design
Salvita Bingelyte

Salvita believes that mutual trust is key to successful client relationships. She dedicates herself to every project equally, no matter the size and scope and encourages her clients to think outside the box. By doing so, clients understand the strength of her commitment while realizing their own potential as an active contributor. She cares about every aspect of the process, from initial concept and design to marketplace performance and feedback. As her studio continues to grow internationally, she remains focused on visual content that is simple but innovative with a long lasting value for clients.

Salvita Design

Lithuanian designer, Salvita Bingelyte, whose studio is based in Vilnius and established in 2010, focuses on packaging, branding, print design and photography. This creative design studio lives and breathes graphic design, they are, as they like to say, graphic obsessed. Working internationally and concentrating on visual content that is simple, but innovative with a sustainable and lasting value for their clients. The studio does and will continue to focus on this into the future.