Paulo Vixen Electric Sports Kit Car
Vixen Electric Sports Kit Car is Iron Design Award winner in 2021 - 2022 Vehicle, Mobility and Transportation Design Award Category.
Vixen Electric Sports Kit Car

The Vixen is a fully electric sports kit car. The unique stripe-like led screen cutting through its hood flaunts cutting edge technology, whilst Vixen's exterior inherits the soul of 60's racing and sports cars. The screen is customizable like a smartphone, thus the driver can display sponsored ads for bonus credits in her or his next electric bill, non-fungible tokens, or any desired art. Under the screen lies a powerful battery module that can be easily swapped from the side of the car due to its unique position. The Vwap system tower can slide in a fully-charged battery module in seconds.

Vixen Electric Sports Kit Car
Paulo Vixen
Paulo Electric Sports Kit Car
Paulo design
Paulo design

Paulo Italiani is a award winning industrial and automotive designer, idea igniter,and lecturer. He is focused in innovation, and creating new future-oriented concepts for contemporary needs for US, Europe and China markets. He believes people are made of a melting pot of references that triggers emotions and reactions via micro or macro expressions. “We are programed by nature and guided by culture; printed references that make us like or dislike objects and situations. “ He has strong product design and automotive design skills. His work include consumer electronics, automotive, IoT, and interior design.

Paulo Italiani Design studio

The design of each vehicle and product is carefully carved using the latest studies in gestalt and 'neurodesign', customized for the target audience. From high end products to simple tools, every concept is designed to be an extension of users’ minds and personality. Thereby increasing the acceptance rate of a new product or technology. By applying proven design methods we can borrow intrinsic cultural values to allow consumers to empathize with the product instantly.