Assel Baimakhan Globalization Wall Carpet
Globalization Wall Carpet is Bronze Design Award winner in 2021 - 2022 Furniture Design Award Category.
Globalization Wall Carpet

The title of this work is Globalization. The purpose of the project is to revive the medieval method of carpet weaving Syrmak, common in the regions of Central Asia. This method involved making a carpet from separate pieces of felt of different colors using the so-called mosaic technique: the pattern cuts into the background flush with its surface; this composition is superimposed on another felt and quilted, and then stitched with a colored cord along the contour of the pattern, by hand.

Globalization Wall Carpet
Assel Baimakhan Globalization
Assel Baimakhan Wall Carpet
Assel Baimakhan design
Assel Baimakhan design
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Assel Baimakhan company founder Casa Azzurra, architect and interior designer, with fifteen years of experience in commercial and residential projects. Implemented projects in Kazakhstan, Russia, the United Arab Emirates, Europe and America. A graduate of the Kazakhstan Academy of Architecture and a student at “Parsons”. Winner of the SNC and People Awards in the Designer of the Year Award.