U.P.Space Landscape Design Tangshan Guomaofu Residential Demonstration
Tangshan Guomaofu Residential Demonstration is Golden Design Award winner in 2021 - 2022 Landscape Planning and Garden Design Award Category.
Tangshan Guomaofu Residential Demonstration

Guomaofu not only has a cultural origin of imperial garden, but also has a modern concept of landscape. The core idea is to create a poetic and picturesque space, which injects oriental style into the design and spreads the context of Chinese traditional aesthetics. The design combines the new oriental garden landscape of water, stone, forest, pine, book, tea and music to form a unique landscape garden system. Creating a tourist, feasible, hopeful and livable landscape, as if through a thousand years, reproducing the wind of leisurely and natural life.

Tangshan Guomaofu Residential Demonstration
U.P.Space Landscape Design Tangshan Guomaofu
U.P.Space Landscape Design Residential Demonstration
U.P.Space Landscape Design design
U.P.Space Landscape Design design
U.P.Space Landscape Design

U.P.Space, as the first design institution in China to put forward the concept and method of sustainable landscape design, insists on leading the ecological landscape industry and has made outstanding achievements for more than ten years. Based on the further and continuous research and development of its product "Sponge City Cell - Rain Garden", the company has opened the road of ecological landscape innovation, and has developed more than ten patented technologies as the sustainable design foundation for long-term development, including LID, Rain Garden, Natural Waterscape Creation, Nature-engaging Experience Space, Low-carbon Materials, Nature-engaging Design, and Low Landscape Maintenance Strategy, etc.

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