Zheng Xu Panda Modular Climbing Wall
Panda Modular Climbing Wall is Bronze Design Award winner in 2021 - 2022 Sporting Goods, Fitness and Recreation Equipment Design Award Category.
Panda Modular Climbing Wall

Panda, a diversified interactive children's indoor rock climbing system design, is utilized to update urban children's sports experience in a rapid, disruptive model. The main structure of the system is a customized wall frame integrated with modular rock components. Combined with interactive projection to integrate intelligent technology into a marvelous rock climbing game. The interactive rock climbing system stimulates children's athletic talents to strengthen their bodies and entertain themselves in a win-win situation.

Panda Modular Climbing Wall
Zheng Xu Panda
Zheng Xu Modular Climbing Wall
Zheng Xu design
Zheng Xu

As a design graduate student, Xu Zheng is dedicated to integrating emerging technologies into people's daily lives so as to provide users with fresh and interesting experiences. He believes that there are always many pain points around us to be discovered, and finding them and researching and solving them is an exciting challenge, even if the results may not always be successful, but the process is a necessary path to progress in design capabilities.

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