Ekaterina Pine Belly Preg Mobile Application
Belly Preg Mobile Application is Silver Design Award winner in 2021 - 2022 Mobile Technologies, Applications and Software Design Award Category.
Belly Preg Mobile Application

Belly Preg is an application that tracks the physical change of a pregnant woman and monitors all stages of development of a baby. It contains relevant information from various specialists and allows users to understand the size of a baby by comparing it to visual objects. The application includes checklists for all pregnancy periods, as well as tools for monitoring weight, blood pressure, water intake, kicks, and contractions calculator.

Belly Preg Mobile Application
Ekaterina Pine Belly Preg
Ekaterina Pine Mobile Application
Ekaterina Pine design
Ekaterina Pine design
Ekaterina Pine

A product designer with experience in UX/UI design. Building and shipping applications and software at a company level. Capable of crafting world-class products from scratch. Experience in planning and executing the end-to-end design of digital products.

Ekaterina Pine

Ekaterina Pine is a hybrid designer with a strong focus on prototyping and innovative technologies. For the past years, she has worked not only on highly loaded interfaces but on responsive design as well. Ekaterina loves expanding and sharing her knowledge. She often participates in volunteer projects and gives master classes to young people. Ekaterina’s passion for design leads her to participate in professional competitions and meetups.