Akbank Design Studio - Staff Channels Kolektif Employee Platform
Kolektif Employee Platform is Golden Design Award winner in 2021 - 2022 Website and Web Design Award Category.
Kolektif Employee Platform

Kolektif is a web application where employees can track their human resources work and socialize. In this application, they can create and customize their profile pages, follow announcements, and make updates. At the same time, employees can see their colleagues' profiles, like their posts, and view the company's stories. Employees can also thank their colleagues or other teams by using the appreciation page. The new database is created through all these personal entries for employee-specific training and activity suggestions.

Kolektif Employee Platform
Akbank Design Studio - Staff Channels Kolektif
Akbank Design Studio - Staff Channels Employee Platform
Akbank Design Studio - Staff Channels design
Akbank Design Studio - Staff Channels design
Akbank Design Studio - Staff Channels

We’re creating a new banking experience for staff channels that differentiates us from the competition and generates new value for the customer and the business​. With the goal of “being the best bank in Turkey in terms of customer experience and satisfaction”, we’ve embarked on reimagining the Akbank experience in a user-centric way​.Akbank’s leadership hinges on its ability to evolve​. With that, we are evolving the customer and staff channels in line with changing customer expectations and regulatory environment to be smarter, more synced up and futureproof.​ We are using the atomic design system.

Akbank T.a.Ş

Akbank T.A.Ş. is one of the largest banks in Turkey. Founded in 1948, As of 2017, it had revenues of nearly TL 13.7 billion. Akbank has ranked as "The Most Valuable Banking Brand in Turkey" according to the "Brand Finance - Banking 500, 2018" report for the seventh time in a row. Akbank also achieved significant success by ranking as the 126th most valuable banking brand in the report that comprises the most valuable global banking brands.