Chi Forest Ucon Natural Mineral Water
Ucon Natural Mineral Water is Golden Design Award winner in 2021 - 2022 Packaging Design Award Category.
Ucon Natural Mineral Water

It is the first high-quality drinking water brand featuring soft mineral water in China. The overall design of the two parts shows harmony while having contrast.The upper part of the bottle body takes "stone" as the super symbol, and the lower part uses the special ore bottle body design based on the parametric design of triangular plane.

Ucon  Natural Mineral Water
Chi Forest Ucon
Chi Forest  Natural Mineral Water
Chi Forest design
Chi Forest design

UCON is a high-quality soft mineral water brand produced by Genki Forest Group in China. It is directly filled from rare water sources which is pure, natural and pollution-free. The water has gone through the hard rock layer of high density filtration then form the high quality soft mineral water. It has a soft, silky and sweet taste . UCON contains a variety of mineral ions that the body requires daily. UCON in chinese has its own social attributes . An interesting name focusing on the young, can quickly form a social attribute topic among young people.