Dmitry Kudinov Alternative Art Installation
Alternative Art Installation is Iron Design Award winner in 2021 - 2022 Arts, Crafts and Ready-Made Design Award Category.
Alternative Art Installation

Oil acts as a metaphor for a kind of resource, which man extracts for its further transformation and economic and social effect. In the post-industrial era, single-industry towns face one common problem: the drain of human capital, the lack of alternative scenarios for the development of professional and personal skills, and the lack of a favorable urban environment for recreation and leisure. The path of development from resource consumption to alternative directions is a motivation to improve the environment.

Alternative Art Installation
Dmitry Kudinov Alternative
Dmitry Kudinov Art Installation
Dmitry Kudinov design
Dmitry Kudinov design
Dmitry Kudinov

I am multidiscipline creative specialist, try to work with details of culture and historical context, if i have some, i try to learn more information about process from first step till last. Open to everything new, traveling makes my horizont of mind wider.

Iskra Urban Fest

Urban art festival which has been held in Neftekamsk throughout 2020-2021 seasons is the only festival in Russia held during the global lockdown. The term urban art comprises all contemporary art practices such as graffiti, street art, mural art, performances and many others. Generally, it is any activity in a city aimed at monologue or a dialogue with urban residents, culture adepts and the whole community. A spark is an initiative able to fuel the interest of several generations to street art phenomenon. As an initiative it can change the town’s lifestyle to the better. The key idea of the festival is to ignite the first spark to support active groups of residents in positive changes in environment and development of creative thinking. This is the investment in intangible assets of the town able to show itself in short term perspective as well as later.