Shanghai Yuanshang Culture Communication Freeze Dried Coffee Packaging
Freeze Dried Coffee Packaging is Golden Design Award winner in 2021 - 2022 Packaging Design Award Category.
Freeze Dried Coffee Packaging

Yuanshang Coffee is a new domestic coffee brand created for young consumers with the key features of ingenuity, quality, and fashion. To echo the brand theme, the packaging is mainly designed based on young and fashion images, incorporating a lot of popular elements of Chinese traditional culture. So its overall look and texture are unique and fashionable.

Freeze Dried Coffee Packaging
Shanghai Yuanshang Culture Communication Freeze Dried
Shanghai Yuanshang Culture Communication Coffee Packaging
Shanghai Yuanshang Culture Communication design
Shanghai Yuanshang Culture Communication design
Shanghai Yuanshang Culture Communication

Yuan Shang Coffee is dominated by portable boutique instant coffee, infused with the ingenuity of the young generation of Chinese. From the selection of high quality beans on the plateau to the original extraction and cooling technology, every step carries out the concept of coffee flavor and quality. We enjoy the taste of the first three humorous orthodox, into the coffee humorous philosophy DNA, is committed to creating a good coffee of high quality trendy interest.

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Yuanshang Coffee prioritizes making delicate yet convenient instant coffee and infuses the young generation with Chinese ingenuity. Combining premium coffee beans and our original cold-brewing© technique, we focus on “quality” at every step of production to create a delicious and fun instant coffee experience. With our humorous philosophy added into the coffee, we are committed to making the most interesting and top-notch instant coffee. Extracting the core of ingenuity from the traditional thoughts of the Five Elements of China, Yuanshang selects raw materials of 4000ft to ensure the natural flavor of premium coffee. Furthermore, in terms of techniques, Yuanshang pioneers in super extraction freeze-dried technology to retain coffee’s original flavor. In terms of packaging, it showcases a design that combines Chinese elements with the youth. Overall, Yuanshang has provided customers with an elaborate, premium and trendy coffee in all facets.