Akihito Shimizu Terra Branding
Terra Branding is Platinum Design Award winner in 2021 - 2022 Graphics, Illustration and Visual Communication Design Award Category.
Terra Branding

The curvilinear logo design with the theme of aroma drifting from the environment expresses a natural and high quality coffee experience. The individual labels are designed with a collage of local photographs that connect the producer's face with the place of origin, environment and consumers, and convey the individuality and charm of the unique coffee produced in each region.

Terra Branding
Akihito Shimizu Terra
Akihito Shimizu Branding
Akihito Shimizu design
Akihito Shimizu design
Akihito Shimizu

Born in Osaka Prefecture in 1983. After graduating from the faculty of economics at Kansai University, I got a job at a bank. After going through the design office,such as advertisement, signs, display, Established LEADER based in Nishinomiya-shi, Hyogo Prefecture. For Company, Store, Product branding, C.I, V.I plan, logo design, Package, sign planning, poster, advertisement, promotion tool, Visual planning and construction of display, website etc., Work on graphic design production through all media. Currently, Nishinomiya is also active in regional brand development activities,design creation, lectures,regional event management and exhibition planning. Member of Japan Graphic Design Association (JAGDA) Member of Designers Association (DAS)

Terra Coffee Roasters

Specialty coffee specialty store "Terra Coffee Roasters". "Terroir", which is the origin of the store name, is a word that expresses "soil" and has the idea that "I want you to enjoy not only the place of production but also all the backgrounds related to packaging and transportation." One cup that is particular about it leads to consideration for the global environment and contribution to the people involved.