Roberta Rampazzo Less is More Chair
Less is More Chair is Silver Design Award winner in 2021 - 2022 Furniture Design Award Category.
Less is More Chair

The inspiration for this chair was a summary of the pandemic experienced in recent years and the lessons learned. The design has always represented social aspects, and nowadays a product needs to represent these key elements like comfort, no excess, and sustainability more than ever. Simplicity is often the most difficult to achieve. To be simple it is necessary to eliminate the excesses and the unnecessary and this could be achieved in life and also on the design. The result is a minimalist, elegant, and sustainable chair.

Less is More Chair
Roberta Rampazzo Less is More
Roberta Rampazzo Chair
Roberta Rampazzo design
Roberta Rampazzo design
Roberta Rampazzo

Roberta Rampazzo Design is noted for its simple yet sharp and strong lines. Pieces are timeless and uniquely designed not just to attend form and function, but also to convey a message and touch the user at an emotional level, leaving an everlasting impression of thrill and passion. Careful consideration is placed upon quality and sustainable sourcing of materials. Over 20 years on the market, its distinctive work has been featuring in the most prominent design fairs, exhibitions and publications in more than 25 countries including: Denmark, England, France, Germany, Italy, Japan and United States. Also, being recognised in important design awards including A Design Award, and German Design Award Nominee. Roberta Rampazzo designs her own range for many established brands, including Allez, Decameron, Firma Casa, IPTI, Objekto, Sitti, Vermeil and many others. Products have been traded in high-end stores in several countries. Currently living in London, Roberta is continuing her creative work researching new technologies and materials, developing new products and fostering relationships with new companies.