Cheng Yu Hsieh Taicang Readzone Bookstore
Taicang Readzone Bookstore is Golden Design Award winner in 2021 - 2022 Interior Space and Exhibition Design Award Category.
Taicang Readzone Bookstore

Taicang Readzone Bookstore, which located in Department Store, is in a circular theater form. With the use of circular theater design and towering mazy book walls, readers and books then become the main characters in this place, and through elastic functions among books on display, collect books and seats to fit with different usage scenarios. Book walls and multi-directional door frames, look like concentrated urban street scenes, inviting readers to explore, with brand recognition.

Taicang Readzone  Bookstore
Cheng Yu Hsieh Taicang Readzone
Cheng Yu Hsieh Bookstore
Cheng Yu Hsieh design
Cheng Yu Hsieh design
Cheng Yu Hsieh

Hsieh Chen Yu is the design director of CHS Design. Taking the humanistic spirit as the foundation is the design philosophy that Hsieh Chen Yu has always adhered to. In order to follow the law of nature, natural materials are used from concept to implementation, the indoor and outdoor space field built conveys culture and art through the field spirit, enhances the aesthetics and taste of life, and shares an aesthetic life.

CHS Interior Design

Its regional and cultural design has been focusing on the concept of on “cultural production”, namely having the nature as master, supplementing with natural elements from design concept to implementation, thus construct indoor and outdoor space fields, and improve life aesthetics and tastes through culture and art communication.