Giyoon Kim A68 Hybrid Cruiser Yachts
A68 Hybrid Cruiser Yachts is Bronze Design Award winner in 2021 - 2022 Yacht and Marine Vessels Design Award Category.
A68 Hybrid Cruiser Yachts

A68 is a yacht design with the motif of a cut piece of the world's largest iceberg. The main deck is a space for current humans where passengers can get together, leisure and dine. The second and third floors are designed to feel the split iceberg more directly, and are spaces that make you think about how human beings in the future will coexist with Mother Nature. A68 will travel around the world and strongly spread its symbolism to everyone.

A68 Hybrid Cruiser Yachts
Giyoon Kim A68
Giyoon Kim Hybrid Cruiser Yachts
Giyoon Kim design
Giyoon Kim design
Giyoon Kim

Giyoon Kim, a Korean designer, is in charge of electric vehicle styling and has 10 years of experience as a designer. All of his experiences are closely related to yacht design. Without being bound by a design in one field, he tried to improve various experiences and understanding. During the young designer period, He worked for an architecture company for four years to understand the internal composition and materials of the yacht and acquired know-how. In the current company that manufactures various electric transport devices, He has been in charge of designing electric buses, cars, yachts, and PAV for six years. He is looking forward to meeting you in the same industry.

Giyoon Kim

As a designer working for a future mobility manufacturing company, he joined the current field with interest and passion for yachts. Perhaps that's why he enjoys the initial styling sketches of yachts anytime. He also look forward to spread the human network through Design Co-work.