Thanachit Chouriyagul Sprezzatura Corporate Identity
Sprezzatura Corporate Identity is Iron Design Award winner in 2021 - 2022 Graphics, Illustration and Visual Communication Design Award Category.
Sprezzatura Corporate Identity

Sprezzatura is a combination of retail, a social club, a studio, a bar, and more. However, in order to convey this message to its potential customers, its brand must evolve and show that it contains its true essence, character and vision. The logo identity was designed to truly represent Sprezzatura's brand, bring out its luxury yet playful character, embrace Italian character, and have enough flexibility to use in other related projects or materials needed in the future.

Sprezzatura Corporate Identity
Thanachit Chouriyagul Sprezzatura
Thanachit Chouriyagul Corporate Identity
Thanachit Chouriyagul design
Thanachit Chouriyagul design
Thanachit Chouriyagul

Thanachit Chouriyagul is creative communication designer. His goal is to help drive Thai community and business with graphic design and branding design.

Thanachit Chouriyagul

Communication designer based in Bangkok, specializing in branding and graphic design. Experienced with different levels of clients in various industries. Specialize in retails and restaurants branding.