Dimitri Lociks Grassy Premium Coffee Packaging
Grassy Premium Coffee Packaging is Silver Design Award winner in 2021 - 2022 Packaging Design Award Category.
Grassy Premium Coffee Packaging

Grassy Premiados is a packaging for exceptional Brazilian coffees, awarded and rated above 87 points in the SCA Special Coffee Association. The packaging aims to raise the perception of quality of national specialty coffee, enhancing the entire production chain, from the producer to the roaster. Composed of an organic and modular design box inspired by nature, the packaging holds 250 grams of coffee beans, also protected by a special bag. Grassy Premiados proposes a new concept for coffee packaging, raising the perception of this product as an item of desire and admiration by consumers.

Grassy Premium  Coffee Packaging
Dimitri Lociks Grassy Premium
Dimitri Lociks Coffee Packaging
Dimitri Lociks design
Dimitri Lociks design
Dimitri Lociks

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Grassy Caffè

Founded in 2005, Grassy Caffe was born with the purpose of being a recognized company in the segment of sales and rental of “espresso” machines, supplies and after-sales in the technical area. With experiences acquired over the years, experienced in the segment and working with important customers, Grassy Caffe today has products constantly assisted and with positive endorsement from our partner portfolio. In early 2007, we opened a new headquarters in Ribeirao Preto/SP, with excellent physical structure for a showroom and administrative office.