lu wen Sunac Guangshen Longshan Commercial Town
Sunac Guangshen Longshan Commercial Town is Golden Design Award winner in 2021 - 2022 Interior Space and Exhibition Design Award Category.
Sunac Guangshen Longshan Commercial Town

Order is a necessary condition for a sense of ritual. The wooden ceiling is used as the design language throughout the whole project. The shape is full of changes, and the geometric shape mobilizes the atmosphere of the space. The circular arch elements are used to break the monotonous and long space at the end, giving the space a sense of extension and enhancing the limitation of the space.

Sunac Guangshen Longshan Commercial Town
lu wen Sunac Guangshen Longshan
lu wen Commercial Town
lu wen design
lu wen design
lu wen

luwen Senior interior architect, who was a well-known design company in Hong Kong, presided over the design of Windham Hotel project. Later, Guangzhou jushe Decoration Design Co.Ltd. was established to provide professional design services for large real estate enterprises, adhering to the concept of "design for a better life".


JUDESIGN is a professional organization dedicated to interior design, display art, and integration, focusing on high-end real estate sales department, model house, optimization of housing type of residential products, hardbound delivery standard, and other fields. Over the years, JUDESIGN adhering to the consistent corporate values, "focus, respect, growth", adhere to the casting of perfect quality, with the heart of innovation to continue to explore, beyond ourselves, and achieve customer expectations.