Desdorp Tipit Cashless Tipping Device
Tipit Cashless Tipping Device is Silver Design Award winner in 2021 - 2022 Wholesale, Retail Trade, Commerce and E-Commerce Design Award Category.
Tipit Cashless Tipping Device

Tipit is the world's first card reader that makes it possible to transparently leave tips with a bank card, phone or smartwatch. The product is designed for visitors who want to thank the service staff and for waiters, bartenders who want to get tips digitally. Tipping device with rotational wheel provides a playful usage scenario that didn't exist before in the payment area. Less cash, more freedom and fewer taxes. Tipit is the new way to say "Thank you for your service" with a plastic card or smart device.

Tipit Cashless Tipping Device
Desdorp Tipit
Desdorp Cashless Tipping Device
Desdorp design
Desdorp design

Desdorp is industrial product design studio. Each new design project for them is an inspiring journey where understandable, aesthetic and innovative objects are born. In cooperation with companies Desdorp strive for the best results that bring customer satisfaction. The studio is represented by designers Deividas Juozulynas and Denis Orlenok who have won several national and international awards. A combination of multiple design techniques and methods as well as integration of different users and manufacturing specialists into the development process always lead to the most convenient design solutions. Desdorp helps to transform each client's first idea and sketch into the industrially produced product used by people on daily basis.


Tipit is a start-up company, which specializes on the development, production and service of the cashless tipping device. Tipit is the world’s first card reader that makes it possible to leave tips with a bank card, phone, or smartwatch in the transparent, efficient and playful way.