Sasha Sharavarau The Treasure of Zbojniks Label
The Treasure of Zbojniks Label is Golden Design Award winner in 2021 - 2022 Packaging Design Award Category.
The Treasure of Zbojniks Label

Zbojnicka, in Slovak, means belonging to a Zbojnik. Zbojniks were robbers who participated in insurgencies against serfdom. People believed that they had hidden numerous treasures in the Slovak mountains. Zbojnicka distillates are the true treasure of Zbojniks - this became the main idea for the design creation. The combination of regional ornaments, crossed shepherd’s axes, and a shield symbolizing the warlike nature of Zbojniks, the Velky Rozsutec mountain, hiding many treasures - each element of the label has its significance and tells unique stories from Slovak folklore.

The Treasure of Zbojniks Label
Sasha Sharavarau The Treasure of Zbojniks
Sasha Sharavarau Label
Sasha Sharavarau design
Sasha Sharavarau design
Sasha Sharavarau

Sasha Sharavarau is a multidisciplinary creative focusing on graphic design, packaging, and illustration. Passionate about crafting and creating stories within all projects he works with. He believes that every small step can make the world a better place. Co-founder at Amoth Studio (an award-winning family design studio specializing in packaging design and brand identity, based in Prague, Czech Republic).

St. Nicolaus (client company); Zbojnicka (brand)

The company ST. NICOLAUS is the largest producer of spirit drinks in Slovakia. The company's portfolio consists of dozens of the product series. Abundant experiences, based on the history and traditions with a strong emphasis on innovations, quality and product safety ensures the ST. NICOLAUS Company leadership and competitiveness on the Slovak market even for decades. Zbojnicka brand was launched on the Slovakian market with the aim of becoming a good-quality product for the medium segment consumers. Its goal was to preserve the high-quality distillate tradition maintained by St. Nicolaus and, at the same time, present it in a new form with sophisticated design that would convey Slovak traditions.