Kaoru Mizuno Have a Nice Can Food Packaging
Have a Nice Can Food Packaging is Golden Design Award winner in 2021 - 2022 Packaging Design Award Category.
Have a Nice Can Food Packaging

The package consists of individual packaging sleeve, gift bag of 3 cans, gift box of 6 cans, 9 cans and 12 cans. A Handle of gift bag uses a rope that resembles a fishing port. Gift boxes are made up of bright orange (representing the sun) and blue (representing the sea). Since fish illustrations are placed in both side of package sleeve, they can be connected the patterns endlessly by arranging them side by side so they can use as a store display which direct the boundless sea.

Have a Nice Can Food Packaging
Kaoru Mizuno Have a Nice Can
Kaoru Mizuno Food Packaging
Kaoru Mizuno design
Kaoru Mizuno design
Kaoru Mizuno

He places great importance on “The thought in a process.” In each project, He think its intrinsic value and seek an answer that expresses client’s intention with creative design. His works are based on “Usual life”. Ideas inspired by experiences are linked to present and future.By this approach, aim to propose “New Standard”.

Irom Inc

IROM Co., Ltd. is a company that operates restaurants in Tokyo, and produces and sells canned foods. They provide a wealth of time with high quality “cooking” and “service”. They aim to create a restaurant that can be used in every scene of the customer's life. They provide seasonal, safe and secure ingredients with the best cooking method regardless of Japanese or Western style. IROM creates places that connect people, not only serve the cooking.