Mitra Mohebbi Relstation Privacy Chair
Relstation Privacy Chair is Silver Design Award winner in 2021 - 2022 Furniture Design Award Category.
Relstation Privacy Chair

The word Relstation is created from the combination of two words relax and station. This design was inspired by a creature in nature called the woodlouse. The purpose of the project create a private and comfortable space for users. to improve the quality of the design, both normal and privacy modes, as well as bionic and ergonomic sciences have been used. The design is a kind of private resort, allowing the user to distance themselves from today's busy atmosphere and spend hours resting in complete peace.

Relstation Privacy Chair
Mitra Mohebbi Relstation
Mitra Mohebbi Privacy Chair
Mitra Mohebbi design
Mitra Mohebbi design
Mitra Mohebbi

Mitra Mohebbi interested in innovative and creative design; it is eye-catching and sustainable. She loves nature and that is why most of her ideas are inspired by the signs of God in nature. Mitra seeks to solve people's problems with her designs.Mitra believesThe world is full of pure ideas; it is enough to pay good attention to the signs; they themselves tell you that they can Become a sofa, house, lighting, speaker .... She is Winner of the international competitions from Switzerland and Italy; nominated for best design from Germany and Canada,Finalist of ARCHI_NoW International Architecture competition,green design nominated from Berlin Germany. Mitra Mohebbi is Bionic designer and ideator in the field of industrial design and architecture and interested doing group projects. Mitra holder of a level one lecturer certificate from technical and professional organization in field drawing and painting with ten years of teaching experience.


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