Farnear International Design Center NewForm Exhibition Space
NewForm Exhibition Space is Silver Design Award winner in 2021 - 2022 Interior Space and Exhibition Design Award Category.
NewForm Exhibition Space

This case integrates the product itself and the core concept of the brand, originated from nature, into the design of the store, so as to give the limited space a sense of art and artistic conception, while displaying the functions of the products. Each area creates a unique atmosphere according to the characteristics of the products, to have a change of scene with every step, and create a space with immersive experience. All the series of brand display props in the space apply loadable modular design for mobile reuse.

NewForm Exhibition Space
Farnear International Design Center NewForm
Farnear International Design Center Exhibition Space
Farnear International Design Center design
Farnear International Design Center design
Farnear International Design Center

Mr. Jia Huainan, founder & chief designer of FARNEAR co-founder of FARNEAR & A-cero DESIGN, is the leading representative of China's famous post-80s designers, the leader of China's top luxury residential design. His years of cross-disciplinary design experience has won him many famous domestic and abroad awards, including IAI Asia Pacific Interior Design Competition, IDEA-TOPS Award, American Interior Design Magazine Golden Bund Award, 40UNDER40 China Design Outstanding Youth Award, China Construction and Decoration Association Award, etc. He has also cooperated with world famous luxury brands such as Fendi, and has maintained a good and high reputation in the circle of first-tier real estate enterprises and top private clients.

Farnear International Design Center

FARNEAR DESIGN, a popular design brand in China, was founded by Mr. Jia Huainan, a well-known interior architect in the Asia-Pacific region and China’s top luxury house design leader. Since its establishment, FARNEAR DESIGN has always adhered to an international vision, with aim to repay every customer who trusts us through original high-quality design works and our distinctive professional attitude. FARNEAR DESIGN is based in Shanghai, and its business covers developed areas in China. It maintains a good and high reputation for both first-line real estate companies and top private customers. Many chinese and foreign professional awards highly recognise and evaluate FARNEAR DESIGN. In 2019, FARNEAR DESIGN braved the wind and waves to embark on a journey to Europe in order to explore better lifestyles. Specifically the new high-end lifestyle mansions in Spain. Fanay has won the trust of the world's top superstar luxury house royal design company A-cero with many years of professional dedication, and finally introduced the top design brand A-cero to China, formally establishing the cooperation brand FARNEAR&ACERO DESIGN with Fanay.