Michele Berdugo Smart City Exhibition Design
Smart City Exhibition Design is Golden Design Award winner in 2020 - 2021 Interior Space and Exhibition Design Award Category.
Smart City Exhibition Design

The annual international Municipal Innovation Exhibition and Conference takes place in Tel Aviv, Israel. The concept design for this year fair derived from the topic of innovation pertaining to Smart Cities. The design brief intended to create an experience along 3000 m2 where each visitor would be embarked in the discovery of the most recent innovations in regards to the City. The creation of a vertical town above an increasing urbanized world aimed to stimulate the imagination of the visitor with the feeling of finding himself in a City of Tomorrow.

Smart City Exhibition Design
Michele Berdugo Smart City
Michele Berdugo Exhibition Design
Michele Berdugo design
Michele Berdugo design
Michele Berdugo

Michele Berdugo is above all a passionate,creative and an epicurean. Her work reflects her out- of- the- box mind thinking: "nothing is impossible to create when you are able to imagine it". This is with no doubt what has contributed to her being picked for conceptualizing and designing memorable and successful experiences in the field of fairs and exhibitions. Her design perspective and talent are solicited in many other departments, such as private events, products and new brands launches, interior design and other.

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