jozeph forakis ... design Clx96 Motor Yacht
Clx96 Motor Yacht is Bronze Design Award winner in 2020 - 2021 Yacht and Marine Vessels Design Award Category.
Clx96 Motor Yacht

CLX96 is the world’s first performance luxury SAV (Sea Activity Vessel) born from a precise concept: to elevate the comfort, convenience, and handling of a flybridge motor yacht, combined with expansive indoor and outdoor spaces and the enhanced capabilities of an expedition yacht. CLX96’s iconic profile and numerous innovative features result from original thinking and smart design, integrating beauty and functionality. The unique double reverse angled House allows more exterior and interior space than any vessel in her class, including the first ever sun deck forward of the Pilot House.

Clx96 Motor Yacht
jozeph forakis ... design Clx96
jozeph forakis ... design Motor Yacht
jozeph forakis ... design design
jozeph forakis ... design design
jozeph forakis ... design

Jozeph Forakis is responsible for some of the most iconic and successful product designs of the last two decades. Jozeph’s work is recognized for his innovative use of materials and processes, as well as for his research into the 'behavioral' influence of interactive technologies in everyday objects. The son of career artists, his cultural approach to design reflects his background in art and theater, with formative experiences in set and lighting design in New York Off-Off-Broadway. Early involvement in high-tech and biomedical sectors helped establish his research-driven approach. In 2002 he launched the design and consulting firm jozeph forakis design, based in Milan and New York, in order to focus on strategic design and innovation. The studio specialises in the design and development of physical and digital products and brands across many industries - working with international clients from startups to Fortune 500.

CL Yachts

CL Yachts’ goal is to offer unparalleled experiences to the modern explorer. The luxury performance brand stands apart from its competitors thanks to its unique approach to design – driven by CL Yacht’s core value of innovation. Fusing progressive design with engineering prowess and state-of-the-art technology, every element of CL Yachts’ vessels are meticulously geared to steer luxury into uncharted territories.