sxdesign Compact Air Purifier
Compact Air Purifier is Silver Design Award winner in 2020 - 2021 Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning Products Design Award Category.
Compact Air Purifier

The compact air purifier solves the air quality problems faced by people in developing regions and satisfies the low income and life pressure of the target population. It merges some internal parts and appearance parts, which makes the product smaller, low cost, decent performance and timeless. Therefore, it can integrate multiple types of small interiors to suit the living conditions of target customers. The curve above the front side reveals the receivers that are compatible with various infrared remote controls, thus forming the overall visual center.

Compact Air Purifier
sxdesign Compact
sxdesign Air Purifier
sxdesign design
sxdesign design

As a design studio in China, “SX” stands for Chinese “ShangXiang” which taken from “Yi Chuan”. The name expounds our core opinion: To build significance of daily life through the observation, extraction, abstraction and reorganization of phenomena. sxdesign creates and values languages and ideas of client and user, such as requirements, knowledge, or the attitude of sxdesign itself.


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