Satie Abuobeida Eljack Imagine Visual Identity
Imagine Visual Identity is Silver Design Award winner in 2020 - 2021 Graphics, Illustration and Visual Communication Design Award Category.
Imagine Visual Identity

Imagine meditation and yoga center: the objective of design for the brand was to use shapes, colors and design technique inspired by yoga poses, elegantly designing the the interior or the center offering visitors a peaceful experience to renew their energy. Therefore the logo design, online media, graphics elements and packaging was following the golden ratio to have a perfect visual identity as expected to help the visitors of the center to have a great experience of communication through art and design of the center. The designer embodied the experience of meditation and yoga the design.

Imagine  Visual Identity
Satie Abuobeida Eljack Imagine
Satie Abuobeida Eljack Visual Identity
Satie Abuobeida Eljack design
Satie Abuobeida Eljack design
Satie Abuobeida Eljack

Satie Eljack is ambitious, with multiple achievements in design and marketing and in governmental sectors of education and development . Established in 2006, he has worked on a number of leading media companies in Saudi such as Maestro Group, Protocol Communication, Dpro, Pureminds and also in the Saudi Government's Ministries. Utilizing his art as a tool of communication in the sectors of education, entertainment and development, he specializes in Branding, Advertising, and social media marketing.


Satie Eljack is an ambitious artist and design innovator, bringing to life various elements of visual stimulation for the mind and soul that began in 2006 but lasts a lifetime. His creations are captured through branding, advertising, print design and collage art. Africa is the source of his inspiration, specifically Sudan. Collaboratively offering clients brand strategy, social media campaigns, and illustrative music releases.