Motiejus Gaigalas OHO Lentil Chips Chips Packaging
OHO Lentil Chips Chips Packaging is Bronze Design Award winner in 2020 - 2021 Packaging Design Award Category.
OHO Lentil Chips Chips Packaging

OHO - Lentil chips, it's a symbol of more natural and healthy way of snacking. This is an inspiration of smooth pastel colour packaging with craft paper texture elements. Illustrated graphic elements makes it more life and connection with a customer and in contrast with that flavouring is communicated through high quality photo images. Combination of these three different design elements makes this product distinguishable, attractive to typical customer of such appetisers.

OHO Lentil Chips Chips Packaging
Motiejus Gaigalas OHO Lentil Chips
Motiejus Gaigalas Chips Packaging
Motiejus Gaigalas design
Motiejus Gaigalas design
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