Anton Badashov Ziina Digital Wallet Mobile App
Ziina Digital Wallet Mobile App is Golden Design Award winner in 2020 - 2021 Mobile Technologies, Applications and Software Design Award Category.
Ziina Digital Wallet Mobile App

Ziina is a new Middle East digital wallet. The product brings delight and allowing people to share joy and emotions with their friends. The app has a very minimal look, emphasizing the user's content and emotions that come with it. The team has adopted a layered information structure and navigation, allowing users to swipe any content from the screen and go back, allowing easy single-hand interactions. Traditional Middle Eastern patterns combined with bold typography and 3D illustrations give the app its unique Ziina look: local, homegrown yet very technological and modern.

Ziina Digital Wallet Mobile App
Anton Badashov Ziina
Anton Badashov Digital Wallet Mobile App
Anton Badashov design
Anton Badashov design

Ziina is a fintech startup bringing the next generation of financial services to the Middle East. The startup is part of Y Combinator’s Winter 2021 (W21) batch. That is the third startup from the United Arab Emirates to have it made to Y Combinator. The app currently available for users in the United Arab Emirates enables them to use simplified peer-to-peer payment services.