manuela bonnet Africolor Festival Global Identity
Africolor Festival Global Identity is Bronze Design Award winner in 2020 - 2021 Graphics, Illustration and Visual Communication Design Award Category.
Africolor Festival Global Identity

For the 30th anniversary of Africolor I created a visual that illustrates how the festival continues to resonate in the bodies and minds, being a voice of contemporary African music creation. I created a typographic game, cutting and repeating the letters of the slogan Africolor is 30 years old to create a vibrant rhythm: the words make echoe, like the music. I wanted the graphic identity to be clear and direct, impacting, colorful and joyful. The poster is available in 2 versions: red and green, the display is therefore very contrasted. All other media play with this visual score.

Africolor Festival Global Identity
manuela bonnet Africolor Festival
manuela bonnet Global Identity
manuela bonnet design
manuela bonnet design

Africolor is the largest festival of musical creation around African music, founded in 1989. Each year, its program reflects the musical and political abundance of Africa, through concerts, master classes, workshops, screenings ... in Paris and in about twenty cities of Seine-Saint-Denis during two months.