David Bai;Zhifeng Tang;Xiaowei Yin HTE055 Modular Outdoor Power Supply
HTE055 Modular Outdoor Power Supply is Golden Design Award winner in 2020 - 2021 Energy Products, Projects and Devices Design Award Category.
HTE055 Modular Outdoor Power Supply

It can connect unlimited units in parallel. A single unit has 1100w power and 1002wh capacity, and the power can be doubled to supply power for high-power electrical equipment through parallel connection. The HTE055 outdoor power supply can be charged with the solar panel and can supply power for 14 devices at the same time. The power supply is compatible with 99% of common electrical appliances and is suitable for various outdoor environments from -60 degrees Celcius to 40 degrees Celcius. It uses a 94V-0 fireproof shell, which is wear-resistant, drop-proof, anti-ultraviolet, and is resistant to wind and sand.

HTE055 Modular Outdoor Power Supply
David Bai;Zhifeng Tang;Xiaowei Yin HTE055 Modular
David Bai;Zhifeng Tang;Xiaowei Yin Outdoor Power Supply
David Bai;Zhifeng Tang;Xiaowei Yin design
David Bai;Zhifeng Tang;Xiaowei Yin design
David Bai;Zhifeng Tang;Xiaowei Yin

I am an industrial designer.Engaged in the energy storage industry, bringing outdoor convenience and enjoyment of outdoor activities to users

"Wei Bai""Xiaowei Yin"

Shenzhen Hello Tech Energy Co.,Ltd is a national Hi-Tech company that integrates R&D, manufacture & Sales of Portable Power Station products and specialized in providing safe, clean and reliable power solutions anywhere for everyone. The company attaches great importance to independent research and development and innovation. Up to now, it has obtained 21 invention patents, 33 utility model patents and 68 appearance patents, and won the German Red Dot Design Award, IF Design Award and CES Design Award for many times. And Hello Tech is good at exploring the potential demand, and created a new category of lithium battery portable energy storage in 2015 to meet the new demand for portable, green and quiet power for outdoor leisure and emergency backup. After five years of planning and layout, the company has built an M2C intelligent manufacturing direct selling model integrating R&D and innovation, intelligent manufacturing, leading brand and cross-border e-commerce. Relying on the brands of "Jackery" and "Diana Xiaoer", the company mainly focuses on e-commerce direct sales, and has become the first brand in the market segment of global mainstream e-commerce platforms such as "Amazon, Lotte, Tmall and Jingdong" Based on the digital M2C intelligent direct selling on global platforms, we focus on green portable power stations, keeping innovating and applying, and is determined to build as a world-class consumer brand of new energy.