Yuta Takahashi Dashi Egg Sand Packaging
Dashi Egg Sand Packaging is Bronze Design Award winner in 2020 - 2021 Packaging Design Award Category.
Dashi Egg Sand Packaging

A package design used for Japanese Omelette Sandwich meant for takeout. The wrapping paper has the illustration of a Sandwich's cross-section. The illustration expresses softness, the handmade feel of the Sandwich, venturing to leave an impression of roughness. The colors represent eggs, secret sauces, and ocean blue, the color of the client's store. The package has been enhanced from mere food container to a tool that enriches the eating space in order to immerse oneself in the food experience from the moment the product is first seen to the moment one is done eating.

Dashi Egg Sand Packaging
Yuta Takahashi Dashi Egg Sand
Yuta Takahashi Packaging
Yuta Takahashi design
Yuta Takahashi design
Yuta Takahashi

He is an active art director and designer based in Japan. His design studio is simple and minimal, with clean and modern design as its forte. He offers a wide variety of solutions in branding, graphic design, packaging design, editorial design, logo design, illustration, web design, UI & UX design, and others. He solidify the identities of brands and companies by crafting polished, modern and valuable visual identities. He goal is sustainable design, staying socially conscious and aiming for cultural growth.

WTNB coffee & studio in the HOUSE

It has established a unique store style that extends the concept of a cafe in Saijo City, Ehime Prefecture, Japan. You can enjoy a course meal, take-out, or even a cup of coffee brewed by a barista. A wide range of wines produced by biodynamic farming as well as alcoholic beverages are available. The store is also a leader in fostering, improving, and disseminating the local food culture. The store's signature dish, the dashi maki tamago sandwich, consists of a dashi maki tamago (Japanese-style rolled omelette) baked one by one by an artisan, sandwiched between bread coated with a secret teriyaki sauce seasoned with sweet and spicy sauce. During the satellite’s lunchtime, the dashi maki tamago sandwiches are sold out in less than an hour.