Edgar Jara Asilvera Energy Logo and Brand Identity
Energy Logo and Brand Identity is Iron Design Award winner in 2020 - 2021 Graphics, Illustration and Visual Communication Design Award Category.
Energy Logo and Brand Identity

Energy company dedicated to the sale and distribution of fuels for vehicles and industry, contains the guidelines to follow for the correct application of the brand on the different platforms, graphics and digital communication supports. It has two versions of vertical application as horizontal with their respective versions, white background and high contrast blue background, its design identifies and promotes visual recall. The Energy brand manual is a practical guide that makes it easy for any designer to maintain identity within established standards.

Energy Logo and Brand Identity
Edgar Jara Asilvera Energy
Edgar Jara Asilvera Logo and Brand Identity
Edgar Jara Asilvera design
Edgar Jara Asilvera design
Edgar Jara Asilvera

Edgar Jara is a Paraguayan graphic designer, who from a very young age at the age of 17 was related to the world of design through the fascinating world of graphic arts, where I enter as an assistant to form in the profession his passion and enthusiasm for the works to be printed led him to meet in that place prestigious designers and plastic artists of the country, this relationship forged his impetus by the knowledge of design that a few years later in 1988 would lead him to train at the only design institute at the time, Art Studium, graduating as a better student with the title of superior technician in graphic design, from there everything would be on the rise in a Meteoric and constant career of professionalization and hard work in the media of the highest prestige in the country. There was knowledge and without fear of challenges, it continued to be perfected in specialized workshops until years later he was enabled to design at the university level at the Catholic University of AsunciĆ³n, managed to enroll and attend the first years, pitifully circumstances of life prevented him from graduating, however, he continued to work for large commercial companies becoming in charge of the development and advertising creativity for large global automotive brands such as Chrysler, Jeep, Dodge, Suzuki, Daewoo, and Ssangyong, for the representative companies Censu and Cencar S.A. After almost 10 years, life would give him the rematch and finish his university studies, graduating with a Bachelor's degree in Graphic Design from the faculty of Science and Technology of the UCA, (Catholic University of AsunciĆ³n) His professional projection brought him back to the media to a new media holding company the Chena Group, where for more than 10 years he directed communication and brand projects, by then he had been perfecting himself for quite some time and developing a Brand design for the creation of important brands at the national level. Currently with more than 30 years of experience in carrying out design consulting projects and as a Brand designer for all types of companies, as well as a wide range of packaging design, advertising, and social media services. Experience and constant updates allow you to manage projects for any area or platform of visual communication, creativity, and multitasking skills to execute professional plans. His professional profile could be said to be framed as a specialist in the creation of strong brands, strategic approaches to integral identity communication, elaboration of guides for the positioning and strengthening of corporate brands. It should be noted that his skill is a conjugation of creative processes, a perfect symphony of the structure in the design of each logo. Turning these into a pleasure to the eye. Its greater strength, research, and exploration are the basis that consolidates and gives pregnancy to future branding or rebranding designs, at the end of this the brand will be backed with solid sustainment in terms of meaning and its design.

Edgar Jara

Edgar Jara is a graphic designer with extensive experience in brand design. they specialize in providing professional brand design services for companies and independent professionals, as well as high-quality designs, graphic design, label design for all types of products, corporate identity development and social media advertising campaign creation. Its goal is for the receiver to have a unique experience in each graphic piece designed. The projects are carried out with a mixture of manual and processed techniques with the latest software technologies in the production of digital design such as Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Rhinoceros. The quality of all works is the result of a wide process of guaranteeing originality and a presentation of high technical and professional level. More than 30 years of experience, endorse and certify the decision for a contract. fascinates him by creating lasting and trustworthy bonds