Francesco Fallisi Fck 2020 Calendar
Fck 2020 Calendar is Golden Design Award winner in 2020 - 2021 Graphics, Illustration and Visual Communication Design Award Category.
Fck 2020 Calendar

What is the purpose of the design? Be functional, beautiful, comfortable, stimulating. And, at times, liberating. Fck 2020 is a self-promotional calendar that celebrates the arrival of 2021 by making fun of the damned 2020. Twelve months of colors, dreams, big and small desires enclosed in a limited edition design object. After a 2020 full of “less”, Fck 2020 Calendar it's a wish for a 2021 full of “more”, a talisman, an invitation to turn the page with a smile.

Fck 2020 Calendar
Francesco Fallisi Fck 2020
Francesco Fallisi Calendar
Francesco Fallisi design
Francesco Fallisi design
Francesco Fallisi

Francesco Fallisi is an art director, graphic designer and illustrator. He is the founder and Executive Creative Director of Lateral Creative Hub, a cross-disciplinary design studio whose peculiarity is to merge the expertise of a communication agency with that of a brand identity studio. The studio has collected numerous awards to the most prestigious communication and design competitions in Italy and abroad.

Lateral Creative Hub

Lateral Creative Hub is an independent creative studio based in Milan that deals with communication on different but adjacent fronts. Brand identity, social media content, websites, TV commercials, packaging design are part of a single ideal mapping of the brand, which now more than ever must be interpreted with an overall vision and management. Lateral arises from this data, and is consolidated on the basis of a well-defined approach: working closely with its customers in a one-to-one relationship, personalizing services and resources to the real needs of the project and acting as a unique and specialized multidisciplinary interlocutor, able to offer solutions that optimize time and costs, creating a high added value.