Studio Tali Gotthilf Pop Modern Design High Tech Dining Area
Pop Modern Design High Tech Dining Area is Bronze Design Award winner in 2020 - 2021 Interior Space and Exhibition Design Award Category.
Pop Modern Design High Tech Dining Area

This dining experience within a Hi-Tech work environment in Southern Israel, offering escape from everyday office culture to a relaxing get-away without leaving the building. The design theme was inspired by three styles: Pop Art, Art Deco and Modern, combined into a single visual message of recreation. This space design matches the company values: to dare and to dream. Axis of movement from the entrance leads the visitor into a 40-meter length corridor, defined by the floor, ceiling and lighting fixture. Natural light was a vital element component taken into consideration.

Pop Modern Design High Tech Dining Area
Studio Tali Gotthilf Pop Modern Design
Studio Tali Gotthilf High Tech Dining Area
Studio Tali Gotthilf design
Studio Tali Gotthilf design
Studio Tali Gotthilf

Tali Gotthilf Interior designer Holds a B. Design degree from the Holon Technological Institute HIT. Since founding her studio in 1991, she gained vast experience designing various projects, many of which were published in professional literature as well as in the popular media.

Studio Tali Gotthilf

A boutique interior design ‘one stop shop’ studio, that specializes in creating an updated and innovative experience for customers and employees in commercial, office and retail environment. In her work for commercial clients, Tali pays a lot of attention to aesthetics and to the overall experience of space. She is a great believer in “human scale design” that centers on maximizing the accessibility, convenience and the feel-good factor of people using the space. For over two decades Tali Gotthilf plan and create custom projects for commercial and private clients. She regards people as the number one resource of each space, be it visitors, customers or workers, and therefore also the focal point of the design. “Good design should serve the people who use it”, she says, “and not the other way around. Colors, furniture, light tricks and clever ergonomics convey the whole sensual experience. The depth and strength in design is derived from the fact that there is no one formula you can call “beautiful”. Endless possibilities and combinations creating the fascinating complexity”.