Rui Deng Cat With Fruits Illustrations
Cat With Fruits Illustrations is Silver Design Award winner in 2020 - 2021 Graphics, Illustration and Visual Communication Design Award Category.
Cat With Fruits Illustrations

Cat With Fruits series illustration works are for a dried fruit brand design of packaging illustration works. The use of fresh color illustration to draw the scene of cat and various fruits playing, in order to highlight the product is pure natural, pollution-free characteristics.This series of illustrations uphold the concept of naturalism, aiming to bring viewers the most comfortable, most close to the original nature itself. The designer has always been holding romantic feelings, using gentle colors to draw this series of illustrations.

Cat With Fruits Illustrations
Rui Deng Cat With Fruits
Rui Deng Illustrations
Rui Deng design
Rui Deng design
Rui Deng

Deng Rui, a college teacher. Personality quiet introverted, the pursuit of quiet and pleasant life. In daily work and life, careful observation, heart experience, is an observer of life. In my personal creation, I also uphold the creative concept of being close to nature and express my daily thoughts with my works.The inspiration of this submission comes from the author's observation of life and dreams.

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