Emad Amin Salameh Qabalan Bakery
Qabalan Bakery is Silver Design Award winner in 2020 - 2021 Interior Space and Exhibition Design Award Category.
Qabalan Bakery

Qabalan bakery used the right materials and details in creating its shop. Merging between the style, experience, efficiency and quality, keeping functionality as the main pillar while maintaining a worthy image for the Bakery. It helped highlighting the aesthetics of its products and provided a distinctive shopping experience for the customers.

Qabalan Bakery
Emad Amin Salameh Qabalan
Emad Amin Salameh Bakery
Emad Amin Salameh design
Emad Amin Salameh design
Emad Amin Salameh

Architect Emad Salameh founded SADDA design and build in 2009. Salameh have an experience working with multinational companies in Amman, Saudi Arabia, and New York City. At SADDA, Salameh act as the director for wide range of projects offering architectural and interior design services for residential, retail and office spaces. As well as construction management and branding. SADDA would also provide access to products and materials that would complement the design services provided such as furniture, decorations, home and office accessories. SADDA ensures a smooth and consistent design and build process with illimitable innovation & creativity, that is unique from concept to implementation.

Qabalan Bakery

Qabalan Bakeries was established in Amman, Jordan, in 1995. The Qabalan Group has expanded from one branch in Al Quds Street in Amman to 3 branches covering a large area of Amman The group has two branches in Al Bayader and recently opened its latest branch in Al Yasmeen. Qabalan Bakeries focuses its work on innovation and creativity in the field of bakery and sweets. Qabalan bakeries, with the support of its management, worked on developing the concept of the traditional bakery and transforming the work in the bakeries into a professional work in which the work is continuously developed and creative. The focus has always been on providing high quality products that use the best raw materials and the best equipment for their production. It also worked to diversify its products and add many new products that were not previously known in the traditional bakery sector while preserving the originality and heritage by producing traditional products with the highest quality and best taste. Qabalan bakeries are proud of using the latest lines in the Middle East to produce the best Arabic bread and many machines and equipment in all departments. Qabalan Bakeries also worked on developing the packaging and packing of their products, as it cooperated with a distinguished group of designers who worked to develop a distinctive brand. Qabalan Bakeries did not neglect to develop and modernize the showrooms of its products. Qabalan bakeries designed their showrooms in a distinctive way that helped highlight the aesthetics of the products and also provide a distinctive shopping experience for their customers. The philosophy of Qabalan bakeries was launched with regard to decoration that the product comes first and that all other decor elements must work to highlight the product and facilitate the shopping process. Each product was studied separately, and the best way to display and store it was studied. The movement of shoppers inside the bakery was studied, and the work was done to create a smooth movement for shoppers and employees We also took care to use the best and latest raw materials when designing our bakeries Also, one of the priorities of Qabalan Bakeries was to raise the level of employment in the bakeries, as it was keen to provide a distinct work environment that helps employees work, creativity and innovation, and also limited the provision of continuous training and bringing a group of competencies to work for it to develop the staff. Qabalan Bakeries aims to be a pioneering experience in the bakery and sweets sector in Jordan and the region in terms of providing the best freshly prepared products while maintaining the appropriate prices that suit a wide range of customers. It also seeks to expand its branch base to include more branches that serve a wider segment of citizens And also expanding the distribution of products internally and externally.