Cerrad Design Team Marquina Gold Tiles
Marquina Gold Tiles is Golden Design Award winner in 2020 - 2021 Building Materials and Construction Components Design Award Category.
Marquina Gold Tiles

Marquina gold will make any interior elegant and stylish. It’s a suggestion for enthusiasts of chic, timeless interiors decorated with subtle references to the latest trends. Pattern tonality of the tiles beautifully reflects the intricate network of veins found in natural stone. Marquina Gold tiles will bring luxury to a living room, kitchen or bathroom, where attention to the quality of the finishing material closely correlates to achieving that unique atmosphere. Tiles are frost-resistant and have anti-slip properties, thanks to which they are suitable for indoor and outdoor use.

Marquina Gold Tiles
Cerrad Design Team Marquina Gold
Cerrad Design Team Tiles
Cerrad Design Team design
Cerrad Design Team design
Cerrad Design Team

After many years of presence on the Polish and international markets, Cerrad, a Polish gres and clinker tile manufacturer, leads the ranks as one of the most dynamically developing production companies in Europe. Consistent attainment of strategies and investment in modern technologies allowed the manufacturer to realize ambitious projects and establish an innovative path for the company. Over the years, Cerrad created a refined tile portfolio with unparalleled designs, wide colour palettes, excellent technical parameters, many assorted formats and surface finish types (polished, matt, lappato, satin) that cater to the highest standards – both in terms of design as well as quality. Thanks to the completion of a third, fully automated production plant in Starachowice in 2018, along with the state-of-the-art LAMGEA production line, Cerad became one of the most advanced ceramic tile production companies in the world. The manufacturer product portfolio includes large format tiles with the unique 280 x 120 cm and 20 x 240 cm dimensions. The catalogue now also includes a line of innovative 6 mm thick tiles and v-shape treads. In 2019 Cerrad became the strategic investor of companies Ceramika Nowa Gala and Ceramika Gres. The perfectly complimenting product portfolios of all three brands and the increased production capacity to 22 mln m2 furthered the development of an even wider, more innovative product portfolio, that serves the needs of our clients in considerable ways. The high quality of the products offered is confirmed by attestations, certificates and various awards granted to the best manufacturers in the industry. A consistent and well thought out strategy opens up new markets for the company each day, both Polish and global wise. Cerrad tile collections gained client recognition from over 50 countries worldwide. Each year, the product portfolio is also presented at the most important international trade fairs of the industry such as Cersaie, Coverings, Cevisama, BAU and Eurobaustoff.


After many years on the Polish and foreign markets, Cerrad - a manufacturer of gres and clinker tiles, currently holds one of the leading places in the ranking for the most dynamically developing companies in Europe, and an honorable place amongst the world’s leading manufacturers of ceramic tiles. The company’s success is the result of efficient management and the constant development of new and innovative production technologies. Cerrad is comprised of 5 production plants, an annual production capacity of 20 million m2, the modern LamGea technology, innovative machinery and the longest kiln in Europe, measuring 190m. Cerrad has created an extensive tile portfolio (clinker, gres, 2.0 terrace tiles, V-shape treads), all with unique designs, various types of surface finishes (mat, polished, lappato, satin) and formats (including 162 x 324, 120 x 280, 20 x 240 cm). In 2021, the company invested in a new, ecological pilot line for the production of large-format tiles with a deep structure. Cerrad collections are appreciated by clients from over 50 countries worldwide. Each year, the product portfolio is showcased at some of the most important international trade fairs, including: Cersaie, Coverings, Cevisama, BAU, Eurobaustoff Cerrad products are subject to strict quality controls carried out in accordance to the European quality management system ISO 9001, are approved and have domestic as well as foreign certificates.