Eisuke Tachikawa Yamamotoyama Rebranded Tea Package
Yamamotoyama Rebranded Tea Package is Platinum Design Award winner in 2020 - 2021 Packaging Design Award Category.
Yamamotoyama Rebranded Tea Package

Yamamotoyama is one of the oldest and most established tea merchants in Japan. It has been the first to sell Green tea today. With the concept of Return to the origin of Edo, Nosigner have redesigned the packages to keep the traditional tea culture alive and pass it on to the future. To make them modern while retaining the charm of the long history brand, Nosigner referred to the traditional colors and structure of the scrolls with Yamamotoyama's original small crests and the calligraphy style of Edo.

Yamamotoyama Rebranded Tea Package
Eisuke Tachikawa Yamamotoyama
Eisuke Tachikawa Rebranded Tea Package
Eisuke Tachikawa design
Eisuke Tachikawa design
Eisuke Tachikawa

Eisuke Tachikawa is a design strategist, an Associate Professor at Keio University, and the founder of NOSIGNER. In implementing social context—to create a beautiful future with social design, and structure design knowledge—to clarify different ways of thinking and increase innovators, we have continued design from a social perspective to realize various design projects related to social issues. Tachikawa promotes "Evolution Thinking," a method that helps generate ideas and inventions by comparing innovation with the evolution of living things to foster game-changers.


NOSIGNER is a social design activist that drives social change towards a more hopeful future. The term NOSIGNER translates as professionals recognizing the "unseen", behind the form (NO-SIGN). The team think of design as a tool that enables people to form the best relations. Designers produce beautiful works, whereas NOSIGNER also brings out these "unseen" relations at the same time. The team look for clues within them that carry the possibilities for social change. The main goal is to design multidisciplinary strategies by seeking the highest quality within each design field such as architecture, product and graphic design. Throughout history, people have constantly evolved by creating. The design has become a powerful tool for those who desire change. NOSIGNER uses design as a gateway for those who hold the potential to change the future. This enables NOSIGNER team to explore possibilities of collaborations between like-minded people, it is able to explore the potentials for the future of humanity.