Jiang & Associates Creative Design Newme Medical Beauty Hospital
Newme Medical Beauty Hospital is Golden Design Award winner in 2020 - 2021 Interior Space and Exhibition Design Award Category.
Newme Medical Beauty Hospital

With the emergence of cosmetic surgery and the improvement of the material living standards of the entire society, people's desire for beauty has become stronger and stronger. Cosmetic plastic surgery has changed from a niche behavior in the past to a new industry widely known by the public. Not only that, the audience has also evolved from a single female customer group in the past to today's men and women are evenly divided, and the audience's age group is gradually expanding downward. New beauty plastic surgery hospital is located in the core of Chengdu Financial City.

Newme Medical Beauty Hospital
Jiang & Associates Creative Design Newme
Jiang & Associates Creative Design Medical Beauty Hospital
Jiang & Associates Creative Design design
Jiang & Associates Creative Design design
Jiang & Associates Creative Design

Jiang & Associates Design(前Frank Jiang Design)现在是亚洲最大的室内设计公 之一。作为首家在A股市场上市的室内 设计公司(300668.SZ),他们在《室内 计》杂志2019年百强巨头中排名第25位 在零售设计领域排名第三,在亚洲和 中国均排名第一。J&A (Jiang & Associates Design)总部位于中国深圳,在上海、 港、北京、大连、武汉和西安设立了 域分支机构。J&A主要经营四个设 领域,包括商业综合体,医疗保健综 体,交通综合体,文化和教育综合体 ,拥有来自世界着名学校的800多名国 设计师,专门从事建筑,M&E,标志 系统,照明,装饰和智能设计,项目 盖购物中心,办公室,物业/酒店,医 疗保健,公共建筑,交通和文化教育 多年来,强爱作为中国城市综合体设 的领导者,获得了数百项国家和国际 奖项,并获得了30多项专利。J&A一 以全球视野信奉中国深度的发展理念 与华润、万科、龙福等知名开发商保 持着密切的合作关系,始终为客户提 定制化设计的一体化服务。

Jiang & Associates Creative Design

Jiang & Associates Design (former Frank Jiang Design) is now one of the biggest interior design firms in Asia. As the first interior design firm who listed on the A-share market (300668.SZ), we ranked 25th in the Top 100 giants 2019 of Interior Design magazine, and 3rd in retail design, which is No.1 both in Asia and China. Headquartered in Shenzhen, China, J&A (Jiang & Associates Design) has established its regional branches in Shanghai, Hong Kong, Beijing, Dalian,Wuhan and Xi'an. J&A mainly runs four design areas including commercial complex, healthcare complex, transportation complex, culture and education complex, boasting over 600 international designers from world-famous schools that are specialized in architecture, M&E, sign system, lighting, decoration and intelligent design, with projects covering shopping mall, office, property/hotel, healthcare, public building, transportation and cultural education. For years, J&A has received several hundred of national and international awards as the leader of Chinese urban complex design and have received more than 30 patents. J&A has consistently believed in the development philosophy of China depth with a global vision, remained the close cooperative relationship with renown developers including China Resources, Vanke, Longfor, etc. ,which always provides integrated service of customized design for clients.