Bruno Cintra Moose Piss Beer
Moose Piss Beer is Golden Design Award winner in 2020 - 2021 Movie, Video and Animation Design Award Category.
Moose Piss Beer

The project was elaborated to promote Moose Piss beer, created through the collaboration of Hermoso Compadre and Nordic brewery. The purpose of the animation was to tell a playful story of how the beer was supposedly created. A modern style of illustration was used, with strong colors that emphasize the humorous purpose of the work. It was done using the traditional frame-by-frame technique, to give more life and personality to the characters.

Moose Piss Beer
Bruno Cintra Moose Piss
Bruno Cintra Beer
Bruno Cintra design
Bruno Cintra design
Bruno Cintra

Bruno Cintra is a Brazilian designer. With skills ranging from conventional illustrations to 3D images, he has been working in the graphics field for 20 years. In addition to working as a freelancer, he owns a clothing brand where he can express his art in the form of clothes. He is always looking for new techniques, and is passionate about design. He loves a good challenge, and really believes that design has the power to transform the way people see the world.

Hermoso Compadre

Hermoso compadre is a Brazilian clothing brand. The company was founded in 2011, and its main audience is formed by young people. With products inspired by street wear, the brand has been gaining relevance every year since its launch. It is a digital company, and all of its sales come from its e-commerce.